ЦветыPhoto by @hijadetumadreshop What began as an expression of personal identity has transformed into a colorful business pursuit for Patty Delgado, founder of Hija de tu Madre (@hijadetumadreshop ), an online apparel store. Back when she traveled a lot, Patty, who lives in Los Angeles, came across a sequin design of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City and put it on her denim jacket. “I felt like this was something that could really be picked up by a lot of other people who identify, like myself, as Chicana, Mexican-American and a child of Latino immigrants,” she says. But the designs for Hija de tu Madre are about more than fashion for Patty; they’re about creating community through inclusivity. “It’s something that I really value — being inclusive of different sizes, of different kinds of Latinos, because they’re not a monolith,” says Patty. “There are Afro-Latinos. There are queer Latinos. There are undocumented Latinos. Being inclusive is something that’s allowed me to be so successful because I’m creating a safe space that celebrates the diversity within my Latino community.” This month, we’ll be sharing the stories of Hispanic-American community members in celebration of #HispanicHeritageMonth. which runs through October 15 in the US.

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After two decades in space, our Cassini spacecraft has ended its journey of exploration. Having expended almost every bit of the rocket propellant it carried to Saturn, operators deliberately plunged Cassini into the planet to ensure Saturn’s moons will remain pristine for future exploration—in particular, the ice-covered, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus, but also Titan, with its intriguing pre-biotic chemistry. Swipe to explore some of Cassini’s final images that were sent to Earth in the hours before its final plunge. As the spacecraft made its fateful dive into the planet’s atmosphere, it sent home additional data in real time. Key measurements came from its mass spectrometer, which sampled Saturn’s atmosphere, telling us about its composition until contact was lost. While it’s always sad when a mission comes to an end, Cassini’s finale plunge is a truly spectacular end for one of the most scientifically rich voyages yet undertaken in our solar system. To truly reveal the wonders of Saturn, we had to go there. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute #NASA #Cassini #GrandFinale #GoodbyeCassini #space #science #photography #astronomy #picoftheday.

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