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From Encyclop dia Dramatica’s endless supply of factoids.

. that ED has a Facebook group.

. that Twitter verified us! Follow EDdotSE.

. that there’s also RecentChangesED . ED_NewPages and #EDAOTN.

. that Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide at his private residence in L.A. by hanging himself.

. that a woman who used a plastic penis to dupe her dumb, blindfolded girlfriend into believing she was actually a man has been jailed.

. that a GOP Candidate told blacks to go back to Africa.

. that a man in California has been jailed for 16 years after admitting he stole and tortured cats, killing 18 of them.

. that CNN have gone zerg butthurt over a kid who made a GIF retweeted by Donald Trump showing CNN getting beaten which made them dox and blackmail the kid.

. that ANTIFA is now now protesting for Sharia Law.

. that while people could be working toward curing cancer they instead turned their efforts toward building fridges that grow pot.

. dat dem dere gub’ment done took Alex Jones’ baby away and his defense is that he only does it for the lulz.

. that the south’s trashcan manages to embarrass itself yet again when somehow a guy pretending to be a cop pulls over an actual cop.

. that everyone these days is such an attention whore that they can’t even pop a cap in someone’s ass without posting the whole thing on Facebook.

. that bombing Arabs still somehow surprises tons of people each and every single time it happens.

. that some guy you’ve never heard of is stepping down from something or other that you never really cared about in the first place.

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