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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

Sports 12 September 2017.

Another annual entry in the popular soccer series by Konami. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 develops the ideas from the previous game. Real Touch +, a new system that is responsible for how players handle a ball, now takes more body parts into account. Thanks to that we can see animations that are much more different from each other when players receive a ball, hit it with their heads, dribble etc. Another important change is that matches are now slower which makes the game a little bit more realistic. In addition to that there is also a strategic dribbling which gives more control over a ball and improved set pieces. Besides classic game modes, PES 2018 also brings back Random Selection Match mode which now has more options. Also, the game offers an online co-op mode for two or three people. The graphics are much better when compared with the previous games which means that the game on particular platforms aren’t that different from each other.

Divinity: Original Sin II.

RPG 14 September 2017.

A direct sequel to Divinity: Original Sin and another installment in the popular RPG series launched in 2002 by the Belgian developer, Larian Studios. The story takes place once more in the fantasy land of Rivellon and presents events that occur between the first and second game in the franchise. This time around, we assume the role of a sourcerer, who uses the forbidden powers of the Source and is constantly pursued by the Order. We can determine the race and origin of our character, both of which influence the attitude of the encountered NPCs towards him or her to a large extent. The gameplay mechanics do not deviate significantly from the previous game in the series, although the developers did introduce a few novelties, such as a modified combat system, new element combinations as well as Source Powers. Contrary to its predecessor and other titles of the franchise, the production has a clearly darker atmosphere.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Action yesterday, 15 September 2017.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an action game set in the Dishonored game universe. We play as a new protagonist, Billie Lurk. She is an assassin with supernatural powers and the right hand of Daud, one of the series’ primary antagonists and the character we played as in two DLCs of the first Dishonored game. Our job is to hunt down the titular Outsider, a mysterious being that is the source of the supernatural powers used by the series’ heroes. Story is nonlinear and its outcome is heavy reliant on our choices. Death of the Outsider takes us to the city of Karnaca known from Dishonored 2. We will visit many various locations during our adventures, like cultist hideouts or underground fight clubs. Gameplay mechanics did not change and are the same as in the previous games of the series. Once again we can play stealthy and be a silent assassin or attack our enemies in plain sight. As we progress, we unlock new abilities and pieces of equipment. After finishing the game, we can play it once again in the Original Game Plus mode where we have access to abilities from Dishonored 2.

Action 06 September 2017.

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the best-selling FPS developed by Bungie Software. This time, Bungie is aided in the development process by Vicarious Visions, creators of Skylanders and some other games. Destiny 2 introduces many new changes and improvements, not only concerning the story (this time, the story will play a bigger part than in the first game), but also in the gameplay mechanics. In Destiny 2, we will visit completely new, enormous locations (i.e. Saturn alone will be bigger than the entire first game), finding new, vibrant metropolises. In the wilderness, we will find both enemies and enemy checkpoints that are just waiting to be taken over by us. Planets known from the first Destiny will also be present in the sequel, but will be added on a later date. Due to the new technology used by Destiny 2, it won’t be possible to import our characters from the original game. Transferring any sort of content from the first Destiny will probably turn out to be problematic.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Adventure 31 August 2017.

A prequel to Life is Strange � an episodic adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. The new title was developed by Deck Nine Games and it enables the player to assume the role of Chloe Price, a character well known from the original game. The story presents how the protagonist met Rachel Amber and how the strong bond between two teenagers was born. It is worth mentioning that Chloe has no special abilities � this means that the choices made during the game cannot be changed. Life is Strange: Before the Storm focuses on gradually revealing pieces of the story and making various decisions that impact the plot. All other aspects of the game, like exploration, interactions with NPC and riddle solving, are secondary to the above mentioned elements. Similarly to the first entry in the series, the game has expressive graphics that features pastel colors.

Sports yesterday, 15 September 2017.

A sports game created for the fans of basketball and released by Electronic Arts. After the three previous installments, which were average games at best, the developer was given more time to create this new follow-up. Thanks to that, NBA Live 18 brings a few interesting novelties. Above all, the game introduces The One mode — the player creates their own basketballer here and later on, they take part in matches within The Streets mode and The League component (the latter is the NBA league). The player works on the skills of their character while experiencing the game, acquires new outfits and tattoos. Apart from that, 12 teams from the WNBA league (women’s NBA) were featured-in, such as L.A. Sparks, Minnesota Lynx or New York Liberty. When it comes to gameplay as such, the creators prepared more intuitive controls, as well as hundreds of new moves particular basketball players are popular for. The game offers both singleplayer and multiplayer (competitive and co-op) modes. One can experience the Ultimate Team, and the Takedown modes, but also play friendly matches.

Sports yesterday, 15 September 2017.

Another installment in the popular basketball video game series published annually by 2K Games. In NBA 2K18, players once again get at their disposal an elaborate basketball simulator revolving around the official NBA league. Apart from the teams currently playing in the league and the official USA and Australia national teams, the game delivers iconic teams from the past — not only those one might remember from the previous installments in the NBA 2K series, but also such teams as 1998-1999 New York Knicks and 2007-2008 Denver Nuggets. In NBA 2K18, one can play alone or in a company of other players. The game features several game modes — the most important one being MyCareer, in which one gets to create his own basketball player and follow his career of an NBA professional player. Moreover, this installment brings back such modes as MyGM and MyLeague, both of which allow a player to become a manager of a chosen team. To top it all, in NBA 2K18 there is also the MyTeam mode, in which one gets to assemble his dream team by collecting special cards.

Racing yesterday, 15 September 2017.

Another installment in a series of rally games developed by Kylotonn Racing Games. The game has the license of FIA World Rally Championship, so during the campaign, the player takes part in 13 authentic rally competitions — those give the same number of locations and 63 special stages. Apart from that, representations of real drivers were included, next to the sponsors’ commercials. In terms of the driving physics, WRC 7 develops the concepts from the predecessing game. Above all, the creators introduced changes into the physics, due to the improvements brought to this year’s cars. Furthermore, the developer removed smaller issues, such as too short braking distances. All of this made the experience slightly more challenging than before, as well as more realistic. The game offers both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, also a local split-screen variant.

Action 05 September 2017.

A sequel to the three-dimensional platformer by the Japanese team of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Once again players take control of the titular Knack � a small robot which can absorb various objects to increase its size. Like the first game, Knack 2 uses TPP view, and the gameplay focuses on exploration, solving simple puzzles and fighting enemies. It is possible to play either by yourself or with another player. Visuals stand out with their distinct style, similar to those the movies from Studio Pixar.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Action 22 August 2017.

The first story expansion for Uncharted 4: The Thief�s End. The add-on, also created by Naughty Dog, is a stand-alone title. For the first time in the history of the series, we control a different character � Chloe Frazer. The story begins some time after the events of Uncharted 4, and sees the heroine appear in India, where she attempts to find an ancient artifact, supported by Nadine Ross — a local mercenary. Gameplay wise, the game reuses the mechanics seen in The Thief�s End. As a result, we are given an action-adventure game that occupies us with exploration, solving rather uncomplicated puzzles, and shootouts with numerous opponents. This time, the creators have placed more emphasis on stealth � the protagonists often has to sneak, avoid her opponents, and avoid engaging in open combat.

Sports 29 September 2017.

The game is another installment in the FIFA series. Electronic Arts introduced a lot of important changes in this follow-up and those will probably constitute a real treat for all the fans of virtual soccer. What is especially noticeable, is the introduction of the Real Players Motion technology that governs the appearances, animations and behaviours of the in-game footballers. Although this technology encompasses mainly top players, the less-known footballers also behave in a more realistic manner, as the new system takes different factors into account, such as a footballer’s height. The game brings a continuation to a story campaign from FIFA 17, embodied here by The Journey: Hunter Returns. FIFA 18 also brings a remodeled system of transfers in the career. The player is now capable of negotiating with clubs and particular footballers on their own. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode brings the Icon cards representing legendary footballers. All of this is complemented by the use of the Frostbite engine, which mainly powers the cut-scenes displayed both in The Journey mode and the regular career component.

Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound.

RPG 07 September 2017.

Tyranny: Bastard�s Wound is an expansion for Tyranny, a a role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The expansion takes us to a new part of the Tiers world. The story focuses on a illegal refugee camp inhabited by those who managed to flee from Kyros� ruthless rule and now are forced to live in hiding. Bastard�s Wound also expands the story lines of Barik, Lantry, and Verse known from the base game and gives us the possibility of learing more about the Beasts of Terratus. As usual, we will also do various story missions and side quests. It is worth mentioning that a free update for the game was released together with the expansion that introduced more voice acted dialogues and expanded the base game�s third act. In addition to that, we will get a brand new game ending if we play as a hero completely devoted to Kyros.

Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar.

Action Tuesday, 19 September 2017.

Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar is the second DLC (and a part of the game’s season pass) for the best-selling first-person shooter Battlefield 1. The DLC, just like the base game, was developed by DICE, a studio that for years has been responsible for the Battlefield series. Just like Battlefield 1, the add-on takes place during the World War I. As the title suggests, players will have the opportunity to fight for the tsarist Russia and take part in several famous battles, like the Brusilov Offensive in Galicia, Operation Albion in the West Estonian Archipelago, or battles in the �upk�w Pass in the Carpathian mountains. As one can see, In The Name Of The Tsar introduces four new maps. Along with the new maps, the expansion comes with a new type of super-heavy combat vehicle, behemoth, and new types of weapons and equipment.

Sports yesterday, 15 September 2017.

NHL 18 is another installment in the sports game series developed by EA Sports � a division of Electronic Arts. The gameplay revolves around the same mechanics as the previous installments, trying to faithfully represent ice hockey games; however, the developers implemented some major changes. One of them is the Defensive Skill Stick system, ensuring better control over a player and the hockey stick during defensive maneuvers. Opponents have a wider range of available moves making the game smoother. Also, the AI poses a bigger challenge � from now on, our teammates are better at taking positions and defensive actions, while the AI players are more difficult to defeat. Moreover, NHL 18 introduces the 3 vs 3 mode with slightly different rules � with fewer players on the field, one has more space to perform maneuvers on the ice. The game also allows us to play more conventional modes, such as PvP and both local and online co-op.

Iron Marines.

RPG 14 September 2017.

Set in sci-fi realities, a casual RTS game by Ironhide Game Studio from Uruguay, primarily known for the popular tower defense series, Kingdom Rush. In Iron Marines you assume the role of a commander leading his space soldiers into dangerous battles against insectoid Aliens. The game features a wide arsenal of weapons and powerful battle mechs that you gather during gameplay. Interestingly, the game allows the player to see the conflict from the other side of the conflict and take control of the aliens as well. The title features 2D, cartoon-like graphics in the style of the aforementioned Kingdom Rush.

Project CARS 2.

Racing Friday, 22 September 2017.

A sequel to the successful racing game released in 2015 and developed by Slightly Mad Studios (the creators of Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed). Since the game was partially financed on the World of Mass Development platform, players themselves were allowed to be a part of the development process. Similarly as in case of the first installment of the series, it is a realistic racing simulator. Less experienced players can enable various handicaps and assists to make the game less realistic. Project CARS 2 contains much more locations than its predecessor. There are more than 200 tracks to ride on by using various cars divided into 40 categories. The appearance and technical parameters of cars can be freely modified. The races take place in various single and multiplayer modes. The basic game mode is the single player campaign which can be played in cooperation with another player. Project CARS 2 also features online challenges and rankings.

RAID: World War II.

Action 26 September 2017.

First-person shooter developed by an independent Croatian studio Lion Game Lion and published by the Swedish company Starbreeze AB. It is noteworthy that the developer and publisher both collaborated on The Bomb DLC for the bestselling game PayDay 2. RAID: World War II is built upon cooperative gameplay mechanics. Players form four-person teams and take part in some of the most important battles of the World War II. The key to success in RAID: World War II lies in coordination and tight cooperation between the team members.

RPG 17 October 2017.

A third person action-RPG developed by the creators of the legendary Gothic series — German studio Piranha Bytes. In contrast to the aforementioned Gothic, Elex is set in a dark post-apocalyptic universe that combines elements of both science-fiction and fantasy and where technology meets magic. In terms of mechanics, the game is similar to other modern action-RPGs. You get to explore a large open world, embark on a series of storyline missions as well as side quests, encountering numerous non-player characters along the way and, of course, slaying a wide array of monsters. Similarly to previous Piranha Bytes productions, the title features only single player gameplay with no online features.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.

RPG Friday, 22 September 2017.

Expansion pack for the popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is set after the events from the previous DLC: Heart of Thorns. This time players have to defend the southern realm of Elona and the Crystal Desert from the march of the army of Balthazar, the god of war and fire. The Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire add-on introduces five large zones, which you can explore both on foot and on a mount. The latter lets you cover large distances more quickly as well as reach hardly accessible places, but it also proves to be great help in combat. Besides, the developer prepared nine elite specialization for heroes at and over level 80 as well as a new guild hall and a variety of weapons and outfits. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire requires the original game to play. In order to make use of the new options for guilds you must also own the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Total War: Warhammer II.

Strategy 28 September 2017.

Another installment in a popular series of strategy games created by Creative Assembly. Unlike the first part of the subseries, which was set in the Old World, this time the players travel to the west, where they wage a war across four continents: Ulthuan, Naggaroth, Southern Realms, and Lustria. Four races take part in the conflict, i.e. the High Elves, the Dark Elves, the Lizardmen, and the Skaven. Each of these factions fights for control over the Great Vortex, which they can heal or disperse using various rituals. Once more, gameplay in Total War: Warhammer II is based on two pillars. In a strategy map view you move your armies, manage economy and expand cities (all this in turns), while battles are waged in real time on 3D battlefields. Each race has its unique mechanics, units and heroes. Besides, owners of the first and second game can download a huge map that combines both game worlds. This way you can play a campaign of truly epic scale while controlling any of the factions available in Total War: Warhammer and its sequel.

ARK: Survival Evolved.

Action 29 August 2017.

A sandbox survival simulator set in an open world, which draws inspiration from productions such as DayZ. Unlike in the aforementioned title, this time we fight against powerful prehistoric creature instead of zombies. The game is the debut of an independent studio called Wildcard, founded by a former employee of Microsoft Game Studios. The player begins the game defenseless and naked on an unidentified island, and his or her task is to survive in this new, harsh environment. In order to do that, we must hunt and gather various raw materials which will be used to create the much needed weapons and tools. One of the most fun aspects of ARK: Survival Evolved are the meticulously depicted creatures � the game features more than 60 species of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. Since the title features o multiplayer experience, meeting other players in the game world will happen and, depending on their attitude, we can fight them or establish valuable alliances.

The First Tree.

Adventure 14 September 2017.

A third-person perspective exploration game about death and loneliness. It was developed by an independent developer who also created Home is Where one Starts. In The First Tree, the player follows two distinctly different characters: a female fox that is looking for her lost kids, and a pair of humans facing death of their closest ones. When controlling the fox, the player is traveling in search for the titular tree that hides the answer to the question about the source of life and the meaning of death. After some time, the player discovers the connection between the story of the animal and the humans. During most of the time the player is traveling through three-dimensional locations, discovering important places and finding items. The gameplay contains platform game sequences in which the protagonist must run and jump from one place to another. The First Tree can be completed in about two hours, although it depends on the player how much will they discover during that time. The title employs colorful, slightly comic book-like graphics.

Action 29 August 2017.

A third-person action game created by former Ubisoft employees. Absolver invites the players to a fantasy realm styled after the Far East. The player assumes the role of a warrior, who wishes to join the eponymous group of elite guardians of peace and stability. The heart of gameplay is the complex system of short-range combat. The game lets you use four fighting styles interchangeably, all of which offer a wide array of melee weapons, starting with character�s own fists. Gameplay allows for executing various strikes, counters, blocks, and dodges. Players can also design their own combinations of attacks that match their preferred tactics. Absolver offers rich background story, and the events in the entire game world are shaped by successes and failures of individual players. The game is focused mainly on multiplayer. Players can join up in groups and together explore the rich world of Adal and battle. Absolver stands out with its original art style based on simple geometry and bright colors.

Gran Turismo Sport.

Racing 17 October 2017.

A spin-off to a popular racing game series developed for Sony�s consoles and the first one in the franchise that was tailor-made for PlayStation 4. Developed by Polyphony Digital in cooperation with the FIA organization, Gran Turismo Sport focuses on the titular motor sports, having the player compete for the most prestigious cups and titles just like real race drivers do. The gameplay mechanics corresponds with previous games in the series, letting you climb up the ladder of a professional driving career and drive a whole range of licensed sport cars, dedicated racing or concept cars. The competition has a different form here, as individual players represent their home countries or favorite car manufacturers. The game features more realistic driving model, as well as noticeably better graphics. It also supports the PlayStation VR headset.

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